What Luciano The Peaceworker Does:

As a peace professional Luciano is devoted to building communities and aiding those who feel silenced. His work is focused on connecting populations that have historically been prevented from gaining power and working with them to amplify their voices and concerns.

As a peace professional he has strategies and techniques that are useful for encouraging introspective exploration of the causes of conflicts and innovative ways to deal with the conflicts that come from the stresses of daily life. His work, attitude, and techniques can help everyone from single parent families to corporate hierarchies undergoing a frustrating merger or a sudden downsizing.

Luciano is a passionate writer and advocate whose work can be found on a variety of sites. He runs several blogs that cover different topics such as atheism and sexuality, Honduran news, humanistic organizing, and social media strategies. He is also a conflict worker and graduate student studying Peace & Conflict Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Luciano is a professional writer whose work can be found on sites such as Latino Rebels, Patheos, DLG Media, and elsewhere. His resume as a writer can be found on this site for anyone interested in him writing for their organization. He is also a YouTuber, has experience working on podcasts and can help design and create graphics.

He is dedicated to the Latinx community and firmly believes in encouraging freedom of thought by spearheading innovative projects and efforts that enable Latinx of various religious beliefs to be heard and feel acknowledged.
— Latinx Humanist Alliance site